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FAQs & Information for New Homeschoolers

    Home Education Magazine's online Homeschooling Information & Resource Guide link

    Home Education Magazine's Questions & Answers About Homeschooling link

    New Homeschoolers Pages from the National Home Education Network link

    Frequently Asked Questions from link

    Beginning to Homeschool, from Ann Zeise's A to Z Home's Cool link

    Questions and Answers about Homeschooling from Holt Associates/GWS link

Articles, Essays, Editorials, etc.

    Home Education Magazine's Back Issues Index of Articles and Columns link's Library: Articles, Essays and more link

    Articles from the National Home Education Network link

    Feature Articles from Ann Zeise's A to Z Home's Cool link

    Unschooling Essays and Articles from link

    How Homeschooling Works, by Marshall Brain link

    Archive of Peter Kowalke's HEM column: Unschooler in College link

    Cafi Cohen's Homeschool/Teens/College: Support for homeschooling ages 11-18 link

    Homeschooling: Creating Alternatives to Education link

The History of Homeschooling Series

    Linda Dobson - "A Brief History of American Homeschooling" link

    John Holt and the Origins of Contemporary Homeschooling, by Patrick Farenga link

    Homeschooling Freedoms at Risk link

    Cheryl Seelhoff - "Who Stole Homeschooling?" link

    Special Report: The Trial of Seelhoff vs. Welch link

    The Ravage of Homeschooling Through Exclusion By Religion, by Raymond S. Moore link

    Sonlight Curriculum Homeschool Legal Resources Forum link

The Kaseman Columns: Homeschooling and Political Action

    Why Homeschoolers' Playing Public School Sports Affects All Homeschoolers (May/June, 2000) link

    The Military-HSLDA Complex and Our Freedoms (March/April, 2000) link

    Working for Homeschooling Freedoms: Chore or Opportunity? Jan/Feb, 2000 link

    Convincing Others We Don't Want Homeschooling Legislation (Nov/Dec, 1999) link

    Doing the Minimum to Comply With Homeschooling Laws and Other Good Ideas (Sept/Oct, 1999) link

    HSLDA Study: Embarrassing and Dangerous (July/Aug, 1999) link

    High School Graduation and Homeschoolers (May/June, 1999) link

    Curfews and Homeschoolers (March/April, 1999) link

    "Homeschooling" In Public Schools: A Dangerous Oxymoron (Jan/Feb, 1999) link

    Current Legislative Challenges Promoted by National Organizations (Nov/Dec, 1998) link

    User Friendly Homeschooling Records (Sept/Oct, 1998) link

    Responding to Current Legislative Challenges Promoted by National Organizations (July/Aug, 1998) link

    Are Tax Credits for Educational Expenses a Good Idea for Homeschoolers? (May/June, 1998) link

    Don't Let Credentials Get You Down (March/April, 1998) link

    Homeschooling Organization's Lawsuit Threatens Homeschooling Freedoms (Jan/Feb, 1998) link

    Hanging On To What Makes Homeschooling Distinctive (Nov/Dec, 1997) link

    Survey and Lobbyists Cause Problems for Homeschoolers (Sept/Oct, 1997) link

    Homeschoolers and the "I Am Your Child" Campaign (July/Aug, 1997) link

    How Homeschoolers Can Help Prevent Education From Becoming the Next Scapegoat (May/June, 1997) link

    Communicating the Strengths of Homeschooling (March/April, 1997) link

    School-to-Work: Problems and Alternatives (Jan/Feb, 1997) link

Interviews with Homeschool Personalities

    David H. Albert, author of "And the Skylark Sings With Me" link

    Linda Dobson, author of many books on homeschooling link

    Patrick Farenga, President of Holt Associates, GWS link

    Grace Llewellyn, author of "Teenage Liberation Handbook" link

    Cafi Cohen, author of "And What About College?" link

    Mary Griffith, author of "The Homeschooling Handbook" link

    Misty Dawn Thomas - Native American Home School Association (NAHSA) link

    Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff of Gentle Spirit Magazine link

    Marty Layne, author of "Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling" link

    Michelle Wilbert, author of "Close to the Root: A Handbook of Simple, Sustainable and Earthy Alternatives for Family and Community Life" link

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